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Dolly Kei & Cult Party Kei Community
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Welcome to the dolly kei/cult party kei livejournal community! Here we discuss the Japan/Tokyo-born style that combines vintage Western clothing together in interesting and inspiring ways.

Current Monthly Free For All Post (May)
I just found an amazing shop that sells real vintage-doll jewerelly! These Doll Necklaces would look super cute with Dolly kei!
Their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/WaldteufelManufaktur
Their Shop: http://waldteufel.storenvy.com/

The prizes are quite okay, since the dolls,arms and legs are about 100 of years old.


All jewellery is handmade and unique to myself :) Happy to do postage deals on a purchase of more than one item! Please take a look! :D

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